What is Wealth?


We go through life searching for satisfaction, happiness, joy, fun, etc. But when it comes to money, we use the term “wealth” rather lightly. Most of us use it to refer to financial wealth; the riches.

However, wealth is much broader than that. It contributes to every dimension of our lives, including our finances.

Wealth always starts from the inside, not the outside. The “wealthier” one is within, the wealthier he or she is without.

Think about that for a moment: Can someone become financially wealthy if he or she believes that he doesn’t deserve that wealth? Of course not.

And even if we built a financial Empire, if we missed the real joys of life, like love, contribution, deep satisfaction, we would not feel wealthy. We would be “rich”, but not wealthy.

So when you set your objectives, make sure you cover the important areas of your life first, the big rocks. Money comes and goes, but some aspects of our lives may not come back if we ignore them for a long time. The tree of love needs continues nurturing, and it’s more important than the tree of money!

If you could have both, then you would be truly successful and wealthy!


The Wealth Maker,



6 Replies to “What is Wealth?”

  1. Nicely said. Kind of like missing the forest for the trees wouldn’t you say?
    It is so important to slow down and count our blessings…the things, people, and experiences that have shaped who we are and hope to be in the future.
    Keeping a healthy balance in all things is key, cheers!

    1. Thanks for your contribution Kitty!

      “missing the forest for the trees”, do you mean losing sight of the big picture? Yes, the article touched on that indirectly, by encouraging the reader to broaden her/his perception of “wealth”. It’s not only “money”, it’s all the “blessings”. Actually, that’s a good way to look at it, thanks again.

      I was hiking this afternoon, it was uphill and I was gasping for more breathes. Then I remembered this article. I suddenly realized that this was a sort of wealth! Physical wealth. Being able to walk, to breath, to see, to smell, to appreciate nature, etc. That is wealth. Money alone can’t give you that, but it does make your life easier though 🙂

      All the best,


    1. Thank you Paul for stopping by and posting a comment.

      I kind of spelled out what true wealth is in the next article “The Wealth Algorithm (1)”. But I’ll give it a “spin” here:

      True Wealth is a state of the heart. You feel a sort of deep peace inside. You look around, and every bit of you is satisfied from the core out. You no longer worry about the ups and downs of life, you are in the “Know”.

      However, it’s not a state of isolation, or meditation all day long. It’s awareness in its best. All areas of your life are flourishing, yet you’re spiritually calm.

      I should add that to the blog 🙂 but first I want to hear your feedback on it.

      I’ll visit your blog. Thanks for inviting me to your own family blog!

      All the Best,


      The Wealth Maker

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