What is Wealth?


We go through life searching for satisfaction, happiness, joy, fun, etc. But when it comes to money, we use the term “wealth” rather lightly. Most of us use it to refer to financial wealth; the riches.

However, wealth is much broader than that. It contributes to every dimension of our lives, including our finances.

Wealth always starts from the inside, not the outside. The “wealthier” one is within, the wealthier he or she is without.

Think about that for a moment: Can someone become financially wealthy if he or she believes that he doesn’t deserve that wealth? Of course not.

And even if we built a financial Empire, if we missed the real joys of life, like love, contribution, deep satisfaction, we would not feel wealthy. We would be “rich”, but not wealthy.

So when you set your objectives, make sure you cover the important areas of your life first, the big rocks. Money comes and goes, but some aspects of our lives may not come back if we ignore them for a long time. The tree of love needs continues nurturing, and it’s more important than the tree of money!

If you could have both, then you would be truly successful and wealthy!


The Wealth Maker,