The Wealth Maker (TWM) Blog purpose is to inspire, educate, inform and generate.

Inspiration happens as if suddenly, or that’s how most of us perceive it. In my experience, I guess we can ‘work’ on becoming inspired, but we can’t decide when or where exactly inspiration emerges.

From that perspective, TWM strives to present original content that can lead to inspiration in wealth-related topics. And there, education becomes a prerequisite for inspiration, as well as a vehicle to equip our readers with the right knowledge they need on that journey.

TWM has recently assumed a new role as part of the The Soaring Eagle Group™ (SEG): To become its voice to the world. As the group grows into a multi-dimensional business enterprise, implementing its Multiple Streams of Revenue™ (MSoR) strategy, TWM will be there to update our readers on recent developments, new ventures, and exciting lessons and results.

The last component in the purpose is for TWM to generate its own stream of wealth, as well as participate financially in the growth of SEG.

Some of the principles TWM embraces:

  • To say it only if it is true
  • To provide reference and credit for any quoted information or media
  • To never engage in any racial, religious, or political discussions and/or debates
  • To encourage and host young writers and give them a launching pad to start their meaningful, writing journey with us

Thank you for checking in. We look forward to your visits and contributions, questions or comments. You may email us anytime at: yaman@soaring-eagle.org.

The Wealth Maker

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