The Wealth Algorithm (1)


In the last article, I introduced a broad definition of wealth, which covers all aspects of one’s life: The spiritual, the intellectual, the emotional, the social, the financial and the physical. To be truly wealthy, one should attend to all these dimensions, with balance.

This does not call for continuous attention to all at the same time. That would be impossible. One area might demand more work than the rest, for a certain period of time, or under specific circumstances. But the aim is to cover them all, and give each one what it needs, at the right time, and in the right amount. So that we can say with confidence: Our life is wealthy, on all dimensions.

Is that easy? Not at all! Is it impossible. No, it’s possible and attainable, but it takes vision, it takes planning, and it takes enlightened action, not reaction..

Let’s now go back to financial wealth. I imagined someone came up and said: OK, I agree with you, I’ve read all your articles, but now I feel lost! I don’t know where to start. Give me a simple, step-by-step prescription. I want to be financially wealthy, that’s all I know!

Starting from this article, I’ll be answering that question, simplifying the subject as much as possible, focusing more on application; on the translation of the so many concepts mentioned so far into our daily life.

I always like to start with this question: What is it that you really want? If I woke you up at 3:00 AM tonight, and asked you this question, would you be able to answer right off the bat?

We all want to be financially wealthy, but is that the right answer? Had it been so, most of us would have become rich already. Simply because, asking the right question, makes you search for the right answer, and most probably implement that answer. So the problem starts from the question and the answer.

Between now and the next article, I want you to ask yourself this question: “What do I really want?”. Be as specific as possible. Avoid any wishing or hoping. Never use “should”, “would”, “might”, “but”, “can’t”. In other words, don’t implant barriers before you even start. Make your answer a simple present tense statement, as if that which you want is already here and now! We will devise a certain way to formulate that answer; using the right words, in the right sequence. But why don’t you give it a shot first…


All the best,


The Wealth Maker



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