CanFour: Art, Craft and Technology

‘Started as an element of the multiple streams of revenue strategy (MSoR™), then became a fulfilling passion along the way’

CanFour is an online handmade/crafts store on the Etsy™ marketplace. is a unique medium for people of shared interest and talent in crafts and handmade production to showcase and sell their articles.

The focus of CanFour is currently wood-based handmade items. So far, the store has four products that share a common theme of usability and colorful cheerfulness.

Below are excerpts from CanFour’s project charter:


CanFour is an expression of an original talent with wood. It contributes to the MSoR strategy as a manifestation of the ideal: Do what you love and let the world pay you for it!


CanFour is a beautiful online-store, which combines wood craftsmanship with elegant, true art


CanFour generates $10K/month, or more, for the MSoR strategy

Operation Principles:

CanFour only provides products that aim to enhance the quality of life and well-being of its visitors and customers.

The Flowing is one of CanFour’s active products:




CanFour is geared to become a destination for those who look for items that combine the touch of art while provide a useful means for everyday life



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