Life Without Money!


Can Life continue without money? The concept of money is so ancient. Over the ages, it has taken many forms. Nonetheless, the essence has always been the same: An instrument to exchange benefits.

Have we taken money too far? Have we given it a priority it does not deserve?

Let’s entertain the above idea. You walk in a supermarket. You pick all the stuff on your list, and you just leave! How would the owner of that supermarket get the supplies? The same way. His/her suppliers would send their trucks full of goods, unload, and leave!

Apply this to everything. Then the question becomes: Why would people work to produce the goods and services required to sustain a society? Let’s find another motivation. If the household does not need money to survive, then there should be another inclination that would pull  the caregiver of that household off the bed every morning.

What is it? Although money has always been a motivator, yet a nasty one. It’s a negative motivator most of the time. Because of that, a lot of workers fall prey to anxiety and depression in their struggle to make ends meet.

What would be a positive motivator? Something that would make us “want” to work, not “have” to work.

Another example might clear the picture a bit. Here’s a fresh graduate from an engineering school. He went into that career because since he was seven years old, he loved to build “things”. Now he’s got the knowledge under his belt. He “wants” to apply what he’s learned.

Companies do not provide any money. Instead, they offer a top-class work environment, and the chance to work on stimulating and challenging projects. Everyone comes to work to make things happen. Nice, eh?

Now you might ask: How about those lazy workers, who prefer the warmth of the bed over this “great work environment” thing? They end up in a “work boot-camp”. What if they refused to join? I don’t have an answer to that.

The above is food for thought. I may end up writing a book to take this idea to the next stage. For the time being, I’d welcome any comments or suggestions.


The Wealth Maker



6 Replies to “Life Without Money!”

  1. When money becomes an end to a mean instead of being means to an end. You’ve covered this in an earlier post. Sad reality.

    1. Thanks!

      Here I’m contemplating the notion of money. It has been playing different roles in our lives, not only a motivator to work. A discriminator, controller, organizer, etc. A world without money would require a whole new approach to each one of those roles. Or, probably, a totally new system of exchanging benefits among people.

      This could well be a subject for a Masters or PhD thesis. It would call for in depth research in different areas, not only finance.

  2. It would be nice to read your insight on practical steps for investors to reduce and perhaps eliminate this constant affair or obsession with money given the entire premise of this blog is on how to make more of it. 🙂

    1. The blog is comprehensive. To build financial wealth today, you need to understand how to make money, grow it, maintain it and distribute it. I’ve mentioned more than once that financial wealth is one “component” of wealth, and not the most important. I have another blog that is dedicated to other wealth components. You’re welcome to join The Sound of Wisdom.

      The last article is futuristic. It still needs in-depth research. The next article will talk about the roles of money in our lives. That would give us a clearer idea on the alternatives.

      It took the European Union more than 20 years to adopt the Euro. To eliminate money and introduce better alternatives, it may take more than 50 years! Let me ask you this: Do you like the idea? Do you think it’s worth exploration, at least?

      Thanks for your contribution

      The Wealth Maker

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