Can Wealth Be Attracted, Unconventionally?


The advocates of the law of attraction suggest that people “attract” into their lives what they think and feel repeatedly. That is a big statement, and an alarming one, for that matter.

I recently stumbled upon an audio product titled “Attract Wealth”, by ™. It is presented (and probably authored) by Kelly Howell, a well-known figure in that field.

The message is this: If you could bypass the traffic lights of your conscious mind (the gatekeeper of everything you know since you were in your mother’s womb), and delve into the subconscious, impressing upon it messages of wealth and prosperity, you would see different, positive results manifest in your financial life.

Coming from an engineering/science background, I can’t seem to find a method to “test” or measure such claim. The only way of validation is direct experience. And that differs from one person to another.

Regardless of whether the proposition is valid or not, my own view is that it should be treated as a supplementary resource, just like multivitamins.

What does that entail? We still have a need to work, to provide value and be rewarded for it. If something can make that meaningful effort easier and more enjoyable, then why not?

On the other hand, it is true, in my opinion, that the universe is much more than what the five senses convey to our minds. If we can’t see, smell, hear, taste or touch something, it doesn’t necessarily mean that “something” does not exist. Existence is not as simple as we might think. It’s real, complex, and mysterious at the same time.

A word of caution before you try to “experience” the above-mentioned product (or something similar). The soundtracks have embedded brainwaves and subliminal messages. If you don’t know what those are, Google™ them. You’ll find thousands of pages. Here’s the one I’d suggest:

If you decide to give it a shot, why not share with us your findings by commenting on this post?


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The Wealth Algorithm (2)



Hopefully you had a chance to “decide” what “you” really want. Let’s explore that a bit further.

If the main target was financial wealth, financial freedom, financial security, financial independence, or financial abundance, then we would need to make that crisp and clear to the subconscious. Why the subconscious? Because it’s the part of our minds that gets the work done. No matter how convinced we were at the conscious level, unless that conviction trickled down to the subconscious, to the engine that makes things happen, we would stop at that; a mere verbage!

Words have tremendous effect on our minds. Let me give you an example. Suppose you’re thinking about buying a new phone. Which statement has a better chance of getting done: “I’m not quite sure which phone I “might” buy “,  or “I intend to buy an Android (or I-Phone) N.x smart phone, next Saturday”?

I guess the point is now clear. Let’s use that in setting an objective. We already know the “What”. Now we will write that which we “want” in a language that gets the subconscious cranking! Here it is:

“I intend, and allow myself, to make (specify amount) dollars by the end of (specify year), or before”.

Notice that we did not say anything about the “How”. Never include that in your intentions. You shall figure that out as you start moving in “the general direction” of your intention. You want your intentions to be specific, and at the same time, flexible enough to grab better opportunities along the way.

I’m going to leave you with this statement till the next post. Once you reach a phrase that is believable to you, stick with it, write it down where you can see it at least once a day. Read it loudly to yourself. Feel the emotion and excitement behind every word. But don’t stop at that! Go to work on your intention. Your task would be more enjoyable and easier now that you “know” what you “want”.

Another observation is that we didn’t use the word “want”. Wanting implies a strong desire, which is a sign of weakness. It usually leads to moving targets. Since you “want” to be wealthy, you will stay in that state of wanting, as the target is pushed farther.

On the other hand, intentions are affirmative. They reveal confidence and belief. When an intention reaches the level of “knowing”, without any shred of doubt, it gets manifested for sure, one way or another. We’re not counting on miracles here, but rather, on the effective alignment of inner and outer forces.

The intention alone won’t make you a fortune. However, it sets the stage for you to start off your journey on the right footing, and that is exactly what you need!

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Investment Strategy


So what is an investment strategy? It’s not an action plan, it’s not a mission statement, and it’s not a set of objectives.

Actually, these concepts are organized as follows: You start with a vision, then a mission to reach that vision, then a set of objectives to guide you through your movement towards the vision. Then comes the strategy, which defines “how” you’re going to achieve the objectives, how you’re going to carry out the mission, and how you’re going to reach the vision. Finally, an action plan is the actual set of steps you take to implement all the above within the framework of your intentions. In other words, the action plan is the manifestation of your intentions.

Let’s start with the vision.

A vision is what you see in the future. In the context of investing, it’s what you see yourself achieve, say 10 years from now.

Your vision is tightly related to your self concept. If having a million freaks you out, because you don’t know what to do with it, or because you worry about protecting it, then don’t worry. You won’t reach that amount! Wealth or poverty, both lie within, not without. Do you want a proof? More than 90% of those who hit the jackpot lose all the money within a year. Why? They are poor on the inside. They can’t handle prosperity, it’s too much for them.

On the other hand, truly wealthy people, stay wealthy, even if their bank accounts are clean and shiny :-). How? They have what it takes, on the inside, to create physical wealth again and again, all because they are full of non-physical wealth. Their minds and hearts are rich.

You always need to start with a vision. You actually do start with one even if you don’t notice consciously. “Everything is created twice” (to quote Stephen Covey): First in our minds, then on the ground. The better the first creation, the more robust and successful the second. So instead of delving into a life-changing experience like investing subconsciously, without being fully aware of your final target, I’m inviting you to sit down, grab a pen and paper, and chart some course.

Now along the path, you’ll face challenges and difficulties, or even unexpected success! Have you heard of the “fear of success”? You need to be prepared. And that where objectives come into play. They guide your march towards your vision.

Success is not only achieving “what” you set for to achieve, it’s also “how” you intend to achieve it.

In summary,  an investment strategy is your approach to investing. It’s your vehicle to reaching your vision.

In a following post, I may give some practical examples of the embodiment of a good investment strategy.

Till then, stay healthy, wealthy, and wise…

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