Moments of Change

We, humans, use time and space to measure change, or the rate of change. The units differ depending on what we measure. Astronomers use light years, builders use meters, and quantum physicists use nanoseconds. No matter the unit, change is constant, within and without us. Furthermore, time is a concept represented by space. Have you ever seen or touched a minute?

Some changes happen regardless of our observation. Others force us to listen and have our eyes wide-open. What change has made you stop and think deeply, lately?

Resisting change is a common human mental habit. Other creatures flow with change in the environment surrounding them. Have you heard of a tree resist shedding its leaves in October to grow new ones in March? Or a flock of birds decides to stay in Alaska after the first sign of winter?

Whether we see change as an opportunity and flow with it, or consider it a threat and strive to prevent it from happening, most changes are natural and inevitable.

In business, change always hit the three vital elements of a project or a venture: Time, cost and resources. These three are interrelated in ways that are sometimes mysterious. Shorten the time, and cost goes up. ‘Restructure’ the organization, and time extends on its own terms.

What we must stay fully aware of is the following:

When you plan anything, make sure all variables involved are on the table.

What does that entail?

  • Know your financial capacity
  • Have key resources present
  • Understand, right from the main stakeholders, the time limits placed upon what you’re planning

My intention in this post is not to give you a project management crash course. You can find ample resources online and off-line on that. The intention is to raise our awareness, in life and in business, of the changes passing through our lives without us noticing, appreciating and effectively utilizing them.

One way to approach this is to start a journey of raising our awareness of both attention and intention.

While one’s attention could easily sway and wonder, following the feed of the five senses, and the flood of unguided thoughts and feelings, this can dramatically change if that attention follows a well-thought-of intention.

Attention could be the most valuable gift we’ve been given. It’s like a beam of light that we can focus on anything we want, intentionally or unintentionally. And that is the key lesson here:

Let’s choose, as much as we can, to focus the beam of our attention intentionally.

However, to do that, we need to have intentions, to begin with, don’t we?

How to set good intentions will require its own post. For now, it suffices to say that each one of us needs to set aside enough time and positive energy to know, write, and commit to a set of intentions that spans the dimensions of his or her life and business (as if they are separate 🙂

As that evolves, and as we re-shift our attention to be more and more inline with the intentions we’ve set to ourselves, those passing changes I mentioned above will become visible and accessible.

In conclusion, accepting change as a fact of our being, and then using the energy it presents to reach higher levels of awareness and achievement, is a prerequisite to true success.

Post Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash


The image below shows a recent addition to our StoreFour‘s Digital collection (a positive change), in case you’d like to use a new technology to measure time in conjunction with your cell phone.


The Wealth Algorithm (3)


Please read the last three articles, if you haven’t already.

We now have a clear intention. So we should be ready to go to work, right? Not quite yet. I want you to read your “own” intention, and notice what you “feel” as you read it. Your first impressions. Don’t think! Just allow yourself to “notice” or “observe” your internal “echo” to the intention.

If you observe any resistance, any disbelief, you should work on that first. Inner barriers are the ones you must deal with. Outer barriers fade away as soon as you become completely clear within.

How would you do that? The best method I’m aware of for “emotional releasing” is called The Sedona Method (TM). Please visit, and explore some of the principles and processes of “Letting Go”.

Once you feel ready, once there is no more resistance to the intention, you may move towards fulfilling it. But always keep your intention statement vivid in your mind and heart. It’s your guide throughout your journey.

The first logical step after that is to know where you stand right now, relative to your intention. Do some inventory of your financial “health”, and come up with your “net-worth”.

A net-worth is calculated by adding up all your “assets”, then subtracting from the result the summation of all your “liabilities”.

Let’s have an example. Say you have 10K cash in your bank account, a car that is worth 8K, a stock portfolio that can be sold for 15K today, and an equity of 30K in your house. Then on the other side of the equation: You still have a mortgage of 100K to pay, and a 5K loan to one of your friends.

Your net-worth is: 10 + 8 + 15 +30 – 100 – 5 = -42K

Your networth is negative, which means you should add that negative number to the amount in your intention statement. If your intention was to make one million, considering your networth, it would become $1,042,000.00

Knowing your current net-worth helps you have an even clearer start. Your target is very well-defined now. It’s time to go to work.

Does that mean what we have done so far was not “work”? It absolutely was! In some sense, it’s the most important part of the algorithm. What follows is mainly “physical” and “mental” work. We’ve set the spiritual and emotional foundations, upon which, the remainder of the “work” shall rely!

The Wealth Maker