Enlightened Work


Over the years, I have come to believe and realize, that in order to reap the tangible and invisible fruits of work, one must provide real value to others. Something he or she feels proud of. Something that coincides with the principles that person believes in, and knows to be true.

The rewards are numerous. Money and the riches are but one of them. How about “peace of mind”, “healthy self-esteem”, “an elevated sense of spiritual content”, “deep satisfaction”, and happiness, to name a few?

Yet, above all comes a unique connection with The One who Blesses us with the gift of work! The ability to go out in the world and create positive change, without expecting gratification from our fellow humans. Rather, we look up and say: “Thank You for making me a channel, through which You Provide some of Your Bounties!”

It is possible to make money in today’s world without offering any value in return. Moreover, it is possible to make a lot of money by spreading harm and misfortune.

By choosing to be an enlightened wealthy being. By choosing to create wealth and value, you benefit yourself, as well as all around  you.

What is real value? That is something you need to identify. It is not the same for everyone. A farmer provides value by producing quality food. A doctor by eliminating disease, and so on.

Find something you love to do. Check its validity against your principles. Learn all you can about it. Set an intention to excel at it, and then move into that direction with all your energy. That is success!

The Wealth Maker


Wealth Maintenance


In the last 40 articles, we have covered the secrets, concepts, principles, methods and best practices of creating “enlightened” wealth.

Starting from this post, I’m going to shift the focus to the second stretch of the path, which is preserving and maintaining the wealth you have created so far.

Climbing to the top is not easy. Staying up there is even harder! Unless you have a wealthy mind and heart, you could find yourself down at the foothills in no time. There are so many ways to waste a fortune. On the other hand, keeping and growing that fortune takes vision, planning, and above all, discipline.

A wealthy person carries great responsibilities towards himself/herself, his or her family, and the community he or she lives in. Money is not “ours” to hoard! It is a gift that we must use wisely and share generously.

The first step in maintaining your wealth is to know, exactly, where the money is coming from, and how, and where it is being spent, and how.

Why would you need to know “how” the money is generated? To be an enlightened wealthy person, you must generate your money ethically. We have already established that in previous posts. Let’s take an example: While checking your last income statement, you notice an extra 100K. You become carious. You investigate the source of that unexpected sum. Finally, you discover that one of your assistants had been involved in an unethical money-making activity, which is harmful to the society. Whether that was intentional or unintentional is irrelevant now. That money must be returned properly, and the harm must be compensated.

Next, you need to track where the money is going. Depending on the number  of people spending the money, and the variety of activities involved, you may need an accountant to carry out this task. It’s time-consuming, even for an individual with two or three transactions a day. There are plenty of online tools, which you can download to your smart phone, and record every purchase, payment, loan, etc.

In the next article, I’ll expand on the above points a bit further.

Till then, stay safe, make money ethically, and spend wisely!


The Wealth Maker


True Wealth!

So far, we have focused on answering two main questions: “What” and “How”. What we want and how to achieve it. If you reviewed most of the articles, you would find a trace, or link, to either one of the two questions.

I feel it is the right time now to ask “Why?” We rather touched on that in the article titled “What is Wealth”. Today I would like to shed the light from a different viewpoint.

Let us assume that by following the concepts, recommendations, and practical methods spread throughout this blog, you have actually become financially abundant. Why did you want to be among the financially elite? Let me ask you the question differently: What is it that you wanted to do with all that wealth?

Wealth accumulation, for its own sake, is futile. There is an old saying that money is like manure; pile it up, and it would ruin the smell of the whole ranch. Spread it around, and you would get a fertile land.

I suggest that your initial intention should address this question. Elaborate on the dreams you would like to fulfill as you reach your financial intention.

A new house, a new car, kids’ education, money set aside for emergencies? Those are the typical candidates, and there is nothing wrong with working on achieving them.

Yet, there are things beyond the self and the close family. Contributions that stay behind when you leave!

Think about that for a moment, or more. How can you contribute to the education, health, and well-being of those in need around the globe?

In my opinion, the two worst enemies of humankind nowadays are ignorance and poverty.

Have a plan of regular contribution to fight those enemies, as much as you can.

You had a plan of saving 10% of your monthly income to create your wealth. Now is the time to adopt a similar plan of paying back, of spreading the benefits of your wealth.

That is the “Why” behind the “What” and the “How”. That is the “spirit” of wealth. Those who commit to such plans report an amazing observation! Every penny they give away to a noble cause comes back multiplied several times, and sometimes more, depending on the sincerity of the giver.

Make your contributions private, except before those who see you as a role model, especially your children. I promise you if you did, you would feel a sense of peace and satisfaction much deeper and richer than what you would feel if you publicize your charitable activities.

Congratulations on reaching this stage in your pursuit of ethical and worthwhile abundance. I am glad our journey together has come to such pleasant conclusion. It is an end of the articles, but not an end to your work on growing and maintaining your wealth on all dimensions. And to your contribution as a responsible wealthy being!

All the Best,

The Wealth Maker