The Wealth Algorithm (4)


Please read the last four articles, if you haven’t already.

We now have the start and end points of our journey defined. That is a clear, believable intention, and the current networth.

What’s left is the process to go from the start line, to the end point.

Why is it important to define these two points? The answer is very simple: Imagine going online to book a plane ticket. What are the first two questions you have to answer? Leaving from? And going to? Right? You can’t make a reservation without knowing your source and destination points.

Same here. Actually, this is the first lesson in Success 101!

They say: To make money you’ve got to have money. Is that always true? Can you start your financial wealth building journey with zero-out-of-pocket investment?

Well, you could, but it would take much longer, which means you must start off at a much younger age, say at 10 years old!

Are you 10 years old now? I guess not. Then let’s focus on the other route, which is financing.

How can you finance your dream? A big question, eh..?

Unfortunately, it’s not enough, most of the time, to have only the start and end points well-defined, in order to obtain the financing you need. A third critical component is required, and that is your plan. In professional terms: Your business plan.

So let’s talk about that in the next post.

Between now and then, write your intention statement on one side of an empty page, and your networth on the opposite side. Read them to yourself, then start exploring ways to move from the left to the right of the page…

All the best,

The Wealth Maker