Making Money Online – Investment

Value-Investment is the main theme of this blog, especially the first half of the articles. But today I’m going to address the topic of investing as it pertains to the online landscape.

The simplest definition of investment is growing financial assets (the term is broad enough to cover other kinds of investment, like investing in one’s health, family, society, but our topic here is concerned with financial investment only).

Think of it as farming: You implant a good seed, in fertile soil, wait for a certain period of time, while watering, fertilizing and weeding, then you end up with some kind of vegetable or fruit. The seed is a metaphor for the initial capital or “principal” allocated for investment. The fertile soil is the investment instrument or “program”, the period of waiting is the investment term. And finally, watering, weeding and fertilizing represent your follow-up and tracking of your investment, to make sure it’s growing, not shrinking! And of course, the fruit is your profit…

The web has revolutionized many aspects of our lives, including our finances. One of those areas is online investment. Nowadays, you may engage in several investments, from the comfort of your home.

Traditionally, people would invest in businesses directly, or through stock markets. Another type of common investment has been in precious metals, such as silver and gold.

You can still do that and more online. Following are some examples:

  • Investment in silver and/or gold
  • Investment in energy and resources (crude, gas, solar, green, water, forests, etc)
  • Investment in online businesses
  • Investment in off-line businesses via online instruments
  • Investment in advertisement programs
  • Investment in High Yield Programs (HYIP)
  • Investment in stocks
  • Investment in Forex (Foreign Exchange)
  • Investment in commodities (coffee, corn, cotton, copper, etc)
  • Investment in real estate
  • Investment in web space, or buying and selling domain names
  • investment in Binary Options and Futures
  • Investment in online traffic

I’ll give a brief description of most of the above opportunities starting from the next post.

All the Best

The Wealth Maker