What is Money?

What is money?

If you have any!

Oh Honey!

There are so many

Questions about money:

Is it a thing?

Or is it a concept?

Does it bring happiness?

Does it really matter?

Money is a sort of energy

That vibrates

At a certain rate

If you happen to vibrate

At the same rate

You resonate

With the money state

And start

Attracting it to you

That’s the first part to activate

Your own money magnet


Next, you need to know

What is it that you want

And why

Then you start moving

In that general direction

Turning stones over

knocking on doors that are closer

Then those farther, and farther

Till the right door

Opens before

You knock on the door



You’ve got to Believe

That the source of all

Money, or whatever

Is the Creator

That faith

Helps you take

The right turn

At the right time

After all…

It’s all His

The purest your heart is

The closest you become

To getting that sum

You truly want


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